it’s raining. can that be  my excuse for not showing up for my dumb exam today?

well i just got the latest episode of arrow spoiled for me and i got to see someone stabbed in the chest all in one gifset and wow there goes my morning :)))))


im so pro-selfie like there are so many bigger problems in the world than girls who think theyre pretty

one of those problems is girls who dont think theyre pretty


Being body positive doesn’t mean that you have to be positive 24/7.
It entails learning to love the body you have.
It’s a journey.
You don’t always have to like your body.
Part of being body positive is unlearning all of the hatred you have toward your body and that doesn’t happen over night.
It’s okay to have bad days.

you guys are all sweet and i love each and every one of you so thank you for putting up with me when i’m having poopy days you’re all the best <33333

i’m in the middle of an anxiety attack over finals but hey at least i can tell you what year frank lloyd wright made the edgar kauffman house, fallingwater which was in 1937 in american prairie style

because that’s what’s really important in my life

if u make fun of people for their skin color, no matter if they be hella dark or hella pale, ur the scum of the earth to me and you can gtfo :))))))

i’ve got the first part to my art history final tomorrow

but all i really want to do tonight is drink wine and then go to bed


"The first person to tell me I was beautiful was definitely my mother, she said that a lot. Especially when I felt the least bit beautiful. My mother always said I was really beautiful and I finally believed her at some point." [x]

my body is seriously so sore from lifting yesterday woww

i went pretty hard because i’ve only got two weeks left to be able to use the school weightroom and also i just really felt like it

buuuuut all those roman lifts are starting to make my shoulders hate me